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Efficient and competent transfer of knowledge and content

Knowledge is the key to success. But to be successful, we need to communicate and share our knowledge and show intercultural competence in doing so!

What does this mean? In our globalised world, language and culture barriers often stand in the way of swift and seamless knowledge transfer and communication. Being fluent in English is an advantage. Otherwise, translations are essential in sharing knowledge or providing information across languages competently. On the one hand, technical translations or scientific publications require perfection regarding linguistic style and expression. On the other hand, content needs to be conveyed in a culturally sensitive way.

Why? Because communication is different in different cultures. In a cultural setting other than your own, your immaculate text or your competence in communication and negotiation may be understood or perceived very differently.

What I do is provide both – translations and cross-cultural consultation.

Just send me an e-mail outlining your translation or consultation requirement and I will get back to you to discuss further steps!

Translation services

You are looking for a German/English translator specialised in life sciences, medicine and pharmocology? Find my range of translation and editing services here.

Intercultural competence

How interculturally ready are you? What is your understanding of intercultural awareness? Find out more about intercultural competence here.

I am convinced: The corner stones of professional language-related services are certified language, translation and cultural skills, specialization, translation experience and an entrepreneurial competence that is characterized by customer orientation, reliability and quality awareness. However, success is also based on good mutual cooperation.

Further musts for a consistent high standard of quality are an open mind-set and a keen interest in new developments, not only in the translation segment, as well as scientific curiosity and lifelong learning.